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Small 100% French organic edible straw, made from chestnuts and propolis.
From my first dives in drinks in 2019, I established myself as a real innovation in the world of alternative straw.
Indeed, no other straw in the world offers like me to vary in this way  shapes, diameters, lengths, my racy and discreet flavor, my "roots" appearance and texture are unique and inimitable.
The first testers are not mistaken:
I won the Audience Prize during my public presentation at the Pitch Pitch Women Series Ulule in Marseille in 2020.
I came straight out of the imagination of my creator Muriel de Peretti, speech therapist specializing in voice and vocal coach, to advantageously replace the polluting plastic straw now prohibited,  I am now his favorite tool in his vocal practice.

Marketed since June 2020, after a crowdfunding campaign, now in artisanal production, in Touraine, in a certified organic workshop, my cutting alone requires 15 hours of work.
My productions follow the seasons and the harvests.
Highly requested, it is better to anticipate your orders to be sure to taste me.
You can find me at voice therapists, but especially in chic places, restaurants and luxury hotels that have already cracked on me, because I am a straw  tasty and I still have a bite to eat!
My ingredients, handpicked, are selected with care, without gluten, added sugar or additives of any kind, the presence of organic chestnuts and precious propolis make me
an exceptional product.
Immersed in hot or cold preparations, I know how to behave perfectly, between 20 and 45 minutes.

My unique flavor, my color and my exclusive shapes are my signature, present but discreet, I do not transfer or alter the taste of your creations in any way, you can bite me before, during or at the end of your tasting. is according to!

But few are those who resisted me  ...

Innovative and gourmet, I am at ease everywhere, at the bar or in the kitchen, my taste associations are endless!

Give free rein to your creativity: Delicate cocktails, gourmet coffees, toppings, coulis, whipped cream and other dessert creams, ice creams, smoothies but also velvety, tapas, rolled in raw ham or pricked in a burrata, on a skewer of fresh fruit or vegetables ,  I am all your desires, invited to weddings I mark your guests by staying in my place, even in Barbapapaille, that's all me!

I am BeestrÓ, the little straw that he fÓs

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