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My French Paille à Croquer!

Sample  the nectar

Preserves  your Nature


I am Muriel de Peretti, speech therapist specializing in singing voice for 25 years and vocal coach.
BeestrÓ's story began with this viral video of a sea turtle,
washed in the nostril by a plastic straw pushed in so deeply that blood was flowing.
     This report had a considerable impact on my professional practice, and marked the beginning of a radical change.
      The next day, when I entered my office, this jar filled with plastic straws innocently placed on my desk,  made people realize that I had contributed to the state of our oceans, and to the suffering of this turtle at the rate of 50 plastic straws / week.
    On my scale I felt helpless and helpless, unable to act on the  symptom, I got down to the cause.
I needed solutions to replace these plastic straws.
      My work tool was doomed to disappear in 2021, leaving the most fragile among us, patients, children and adults, with unsuitable solutions.
After having sourced and tested the already existing solutions of edible and biodegradable straws,
       So I decided to make my ideal straw, I designed and made it in my kitchen, with my two boys as my first testers.


Thus was born BeestrO, My French Paille à Croquer, with a "specification" in my image, a synthesis of my expertise of 25 years in the field, my furious desire to act at my level for the planet, and to stem as soon as possible the daily flow of discarded non-recyclable straws (in France 9 million per day ...) taking into account the therapeutic, technical and taste constraints of course.
I am Corsican, the chestnut immediately became obvious, sweet and racy, as the basis of the recipe.
Propolis  added, essential ingredient, any singer or professional of the voice knows well the action and  fabulous efficiency in the ENT sphere.
This resin collected and transformed by bees to protect their hive is a powerful booster of natural immune defenses.
BeestrO is here, the first healthy straw in the world, usable by everyone, without age or quantity limit, for puffing or for drinking, and above all to be tasted!
Packed with qualities: 100% edible, naturally sweet, gluten-free, no additives, no coloring or preservatives, no waste.


All the products come from organic, committed, local producers who care about producing quality, and are processed in a farm and an organic workshop not far from Chinon.
All packaging is recycled and recyclable.
Many Beestronomes, individuals and professionals, concerned about their planet as much as their health, have already adopted it.
By choosing this solution, greedy, innovative and zero waste, we will all together be able to act significantly on current pollution, preserve our oceans and have a positive impact on our consumption habits.
BeestrÓ, My French Paille à Croquer,
  Take the Nectar Preserve your Nature ...

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